Online Psychosocial Assessment Instruments

Rahul Rajan, Ted Selker

Kinnexxus STTR, Spring 2010

Pain Journal: Developed an Android-based application that presented the subject with a front/back human figure.  The subject could mark as many pain points as they were experiencing. The duration of the touch indicated the intensity of the pain at each of the pain points. The mobile phone displayed the number corresponding to the intensity (on a scale of 1 to 10), and included a display of the current time on an analog clock.

Tremor Monitor: Developed an Android-based application on a mobile phone that presented the subject with a game. The overt purpose of the game was to keep a movable ball inside a rectangle. To accomplish this, the subject was supposed to keep the mobile phone flat and steady. The degree to which the subject was able to maintain a steady grasp on the phone was intended to indicate the degree of hand tremor. The working hypothesis was that people who are in some degree of pain would have more pronounced hand tremor. We developed an analysis to determine if the frequency and standard deviation varied with degree of reported pain.